FAMILY HALL OF FAME of Stuart IA, Canton OH, and Long Beach CA. Thanks to Chris Kauffman for the photo.

MARY JO McELROY’S BIG HAIR of Pickerington OH.

LITTLE RICKY HULL of Massillon OH. Thanks to Chris Kauffman for the photo.

SOFTER SIDE FOR OAKLAND LAWYER. In an effort to show his softer side in the courtroom, Oakland lawyer Eliot “razor-tongue” Gorson will undergo cosmetic surgery today. Says Mr. Gorson, “If this doesn’t fool ‘em, NEXT time I will do it as Emma and then they’ll see how much of a real dog-eat-dog I can be.” At press time it is uncertain whether a name change will occur for this new persona. (This was an April Fool’s joke with his dog Emma).

NORM'S BIRTHDAY. Norm Brenner of Los Angeles CA in his Marlon Brando persona, examining his cherry on a piece of chocolate cake.

PALERMO MEATS of Palermo, Sicily. How did Tunie get there?

HOT DOG ALAN GOLDENBERG, drummer par excellence of Palo Alto CA.

HOTEL GUTKOWSKI of Ortegia, Sicily.

SKIDLEY art class model extraordinaire is always well groomed with his instruments nearby.

NANCY GOLDENBERG drawing upon her Italian language skills in Rome, Italy.

YES, THEY CALL ME THE LITTLE PRINCESS and so they should. However, why Pooskining? “Just call me Tunie, but don’t call me late for dinner. Ever!”

PARTY ANIMALS Tunie and Skidley get into the intern wines.

EDITH & MARK, San Francisco CA. Edith Goldenberg enjoying her 100th birthday party with San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell who generously visited the Le Chapeau! restaurant location.

EDITH'S 100 BIRTHDAY CAKE with well-wishers too numerous to mention, the Lady Beetle MC's the momentous occasion.