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NUEVA LEARNING CENTER, Hillsborough CA. First grade classroom for gifted children with “green” epoxy spray-coated, sandblasted vinyl chairs and laminate tables. Eight foot high, quarter inch tackboard material around the room perimeter, displayed the kid’s artwork and papers etc. (see shadow above third blue stripe). Featured in Progressive Architecture magazine.

BOOK & BEAN, Woodside CA. Bookstore and coffee house with slogan, “the coffee had a dream…and the dream came true” (the latter painted on the floor in foreground). Note (1) the interlocking coffee cup handles on the wedding cake and (2) the stacked clean coffee cups on the counter, each supported by a circular metal shelf. Featured in A.I.A. Journal.

DINING ROOM, Woodside CA. Window for “father of the modern-day robot” Vic Scheinman (who invented the mechanical hand) and family. Heat loss due to plate glass exposure, prompted this window wall.

ELK’S CLUB, Palo Alto CA. Swimming pool for fraternal organization. Painted black lane stripes facilitate lap swimming.

QUERCUS, San Francisco CA. Antique American oak (translation of Latin namesake) furniture store, featured in A.I.A. Journal. Color has become pattern and pattern shape, as a means of transforming space.

DECORATOR SHOWCASE, San Francisco CA. Basement exit (down the hall to the right) complemented baroque room decor upstairs. Attendance proceeds benefited a local high school scholarship fund.

KEYHOLE HOUSE, San Francisco CA. Landmark condominium requiring an oversize key for entry to the universe, recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. Moon garden is part real, part trompe l’oeil (fools the eye).

STANFORD MEDICAL CENTER, Stanford CA. Prototype mock-up for a single patient hospital room, unfortunately eclipsed by other needs. Note the equipment panel of oxygen, suction with grounded outlets etc. to enable patient monitoring and room furnishings by designer Phyllis Martin-Vegue.

APARTMENT BUILDINGS, Oakland CA. Building on the right with three pairs of brass hinges (each painted differently), voted “best whimsical façade (residential)” in the “Oakland Facades” competition.

MEDICAL BUILDING, San Francisco CA. Physician offices with a “tech” look.

RESIDENCE, San Francisco CA. Home for the family of eye surgeon Dr. Jim Knapp, wears sunglasses with reflective Mylar because his patients similarly wear “shades” after surgery. Note perforated garage air grill in the painted bush.

GALLERIA PARK HOTEL, San Francisco CA. Live KRON-TV4 unveiling event of rooftop mural with anamorphic (stretched) illusion of 42-foot sunbathers, a 56-foot pool etc., as the yellow balloon ascended from center lightwell to “Here Comes the Sun.” Project designed to be seen from the penthouse restaurant on the Bank of America building. Special thanks to artist Karen Lusebrink.

CHEVRON RESOURCES, San Francisco CA. Twenty-fifth floor headquarters with office cubicles for the investment arm of the oil giant. Painted tools of the trade reflect their speculative interest in underground shale exploration.

UNION STREET EAGLE MAILBOX, San Francisco CA. Mailbox rentals etc. featuring replica U.S. federal eagle mailboxes. Upon entering, one is cautioned, “please do not feed the eagle” (see sign on birdcage).

WILLIAM WILSON & ASSOCIATES, San Mateo CA. Office building graphics proposal model (painted tree trunk on chamfered concrete corner and tree trunk slice over entrance) for this corporate office development company.

ROWDYPENCIL.COM STUDIO, San Francisco CA. Actual chopped bicycle floating above concrete "racecar" lanes into the garages. It is not necessary to bring your lawnmower, as the stained concrete "grass" never needs mowing.