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RESTAURANT, San Francisco CA. Actually Rowdy’s very first project, a soup and sandwich restaurant called “What This Country Needs.” Telephone poles evolved from existing one and one-half columns and a double-copper coffee urn was illuminated by floodlight from the bottom of a lamp. Also kissing tiffanies, a wooden train from a cloud, vegetables being cooked over a candle chandelier and a 6’x6’x7’ eggplant monster chasing a dessert. Rumor has it that protesters broke into the restaurant and pasted hair on the mannequin table legs.

TABLE, San Francisco CA. Stool height “Rising Table” for Furniture Art Expo. 4 foot by 8 foot by 4 inch travertine top and 4 inch by 8 inch steel legs – rocked, fractured, and penetrated by a yucca tree. Folding screen by unknown artist.

CROCKER GALLERIA, San Francisco CA. Christmas presentation.

SCULPTURE, San Francisco CA. “Broken Heart, But Not Heartbroken,” with mirror-polished stainless steel and parallel stripes that glowed in the dark, was displayed at the State Building. The Hearts in San Francisco installation raised over $2,000,000 for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Thanks to Irma L. Dillard for the photo with City Hall.

KITCHEN TABLE, San Francisco CA. What's an upscale kitchen without a grill table? Just toss on a shroom, fish or steak for an anytime treat. This illusion beneath a clear plex table top never needs refueling.

TOP SHELF BOOKCASE, San Francisco CA. This bookcase aspires to greater heights with its top shelf of books penetrating the ceiling. Unfortunately, the free Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia of times past, only exists today as an electronic reference provided to educational institutions.

FOUR STAR CABINET, San Francisco CA. Multi-sized paper piles can be stored in one of four mini-cabinets. Well, almost.