Welcome to “puts-a-smile-on-your-face” RowdyPencil.com.
Rowdy’s whimsical building graphics, floor graphics, art furniture and photos
add sophisticated, fun, trompe l’oeil (illusions) to a “smile-challenged” world. It’s the power of
humor, good for the gut and good for the soul. The first commission by the San Francisco design
and execution studio was a soup/sandwich restaurant ironically called “What This Country Needs”
in the seventies. Even though our society has been vastly transformed by technology since then,
the bricks still require mortar and visa versa. Admittedly we have better mortar now
and better buzz words for “creative” – such as imaginative, original, and/or clever.

Our exterior building graphics (wall murals in old school lingo) offer an architectural
image upgrade or curb appeal without major construction. After your building becomes a
landmark, as many RowdyPencil.com projects have, it might also find its way onto hi-def TV.
And let us not overlook the roof graphics and sidewalk graphics for Google Earth.

When your building is all dressed up with no place to go, we invite you to hop aboard
Rowdy’s studio car and go for a little joyride by clicking the “cooler html5 version” above.
Upon viewing the “Rowdy Rides Again” video on the backseat monitor, kindly examine
the building graphics, floor graphics, art furniture, photos, family and cats
page in the overhead menu. Thank you.